Introducing CoffHe

We continuosly seek new ways to push the limits and boundaries of draft beverage.
CoffHe is our latest leap foward in the world of draft coffee.

When nitro coffee began to lose its luster, we naturally started looking for the next BIG thing...
CoffHe is the answer.

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CoffHe | Helium Infused Coffee
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Our Philosophy

Do What Other Dare Not Do

Killer Team

World unknown team of doctors, engineers, producers and designers.

Hard Work

We work hard to bring you quality products... and smiles.


No job is worth doing if you aren't having fun.

The Evolution of CoffHe

Here's How We Made it a Reality

1. Bad Idea

2. No Planning

3. Poor Design

4. Experimentation

5. Bad Results

How CoffHe is Made

What goes into CoffHe?

The CoffHe Formula

CoffHe was born out of necessity. We needed a real way to LIFT ourselves out of bed in the morning.

Rather than spending time on research, planning and design, we just started experimenting. Lots and lots of failed experiments.

Guesswork 100%
100% Complete
Experimentation 78%
70% Complete
Research & Planning 17%
90% Complete

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